Jérémie Le Pévédic

Helping foreigners relocate to Chile since 2016. Expert in Chilean bureaucracy. Love filing visa applications and searching nice properties in Santiago.

Jérémie Le Pévédic

Jérémie Le Pévédic is a French and Chilean citizen. After 8 years spent working for a large French investment bank, Jérémie relocated in Chile in 2014. He founded Expat.cl in 2016, to provide immigration and relocation services to foreign families looking to invest or relocate to Chile.

Jérémie is also running various other ventures in the immigration sector: immileads for immigration lawyers, and Visalpha and ExpatOnline, for people looking for information before relocating to a new country.

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Living in Santiago de Chile

Although living in a city on the other side of the world often makes people dream, an expatriation is also a source of anxiety because many factors remain unknown: the importance of the culture shock, changing your eating habits, dress code, lifestyle, and circle of friends.

Natural risks in Chile

Given the geographical situation of Chile, the country is subject to many natural hazards: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, risks related to the break-up of glaciers, etc.

Overview of Chile

Economy Chile's currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP). Over the past few years, Chile has become one of the most dynamic economies in Latin America and is now deemed as the most stable country on the continent.

Women's health in Chile

Availability of contraception and sanitary products Despite Chile being a largely Catholic country, National Health programs have widely promoted birth control methods in the country.