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Planning to move to Chile? Can't find answers to your questions? Our consultation service is here to help you. First, read the FAQ at the bottom of the page, then pick the date/time that best suits you in the calendar below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before booking

Your meeting will be with Jeremie, founder of, helping people relocate to Chile since 2016. You can find more info about him, as well as his LinkedIn profile on this page. He is fluent in French, English, and Spanish.

Four easy steps:

  1. You choose the date/time that suits you in the calendar.
  2. You pay for the consultation by credit card.
  3. You receive an email with a link to connect on Zoom.
  4. You click on the link to join the call a few minutes before the chosen date/time. I may be with another client just before, so please wait to be allowed to enter the room."

Below the calendar, there is a dropdown menu with the time zone and the current time in that time zone. It automatically detects your country and adjusts. In case the time indicated is not correct, click on the dropdown menu and select your time zone. This will automatically update all times so that you can book an appointment in your time zone. You may notice that available timeslots do not always match the usual office hours in Chile. This is normal, as I tend to make these appointments early morning or late evening to be able to attend to my relocation clients during office hours.

No. I travel on a regular basis, so all consultations are online.

I have been helping hundreds of people since starting in 2016. You can book. I will be able to reply to your questions.

Write me (the email is at the bottom of the page) from the same email you used to book the meeting. Changes are only allowed up to 24 hours before the meeting. No-shows are not refunded.


I get around 10-20 support requests per day, sometimes more. Multiply this by a 30-minute consultation each, and you can easily see that I would spend my whole day replying for free. Yet, I have to take care of my paying clients first.

No. I get this a lot. Unfortunately, most of the time, people disappear once they get their replies. If you actually plan to book my services, I am happy to deduct the consultation fee from any service booked within six months. And I can offer a referral fee if you bring a paying client.

No. Keep in mind that your questions may require some previous research and sometimes to send you information afterward.

Sure. Click here to pay, then send me an email with the list of all your questions (up to 15). I will review them, send you a few clarifying questions to assess your situation if needed, then get back to you with replies. Please note that I recommend a meeting, as we can go deeper into each topic. But it is up to you.

No. The booking platform is designed to process payment automatically and send you invitation links. This saves everyone time. Try another credit card, or contact your bank to see what is wrong with your credit card.

During the consultation

Yes, you can record for your own personal use if you mention it at the beginning of the recording. Public distribution is not allowed.

After the consultation

The best way to avoid this situation is to send me a numbered list of your questions prior to the meeting. This will reduce the risk of forgetting a question. You can send a couple of questions within the week following the consultation. If I can quickly reply, I will be happy to help. If you need ongoing support by email or phone during your relocation, we can send you a quote, as this is not part of the 1-hour consultation service.