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Planning to relocate to Chile? Let's have a look at the questions expatriates most frequently ask us.

GETTING STARTED is a relocation agency that helps foreigners willing to move to Chile and companies needing assistance to relocate their employees to Chile, since 2016. has NO connection with the Chilean immigration department. Therefore, cannot tell you what's going on with your pending visa application. is NOT a consulate. And finally, is NOT a public service helping people pro bono.

We can assist you in your move. Feel free to look at our services, or fill out this form for a quote. If you don't want a full relocation package, you can book a consultation.

We are okay with replying to a couple of questions by email only, if we can quickly help you. Yet, we get dozens of inquiries per week. More often than not, the quick question leads to another one and another one. For this reason, we do not guarantee replying as we focus on serving our clients. If your question is urgent or needs analysis, we recommend you book a consultation so that we can spend the time needed to assist you.


We recommend you look at our visa support service, and the immigration/visas section of our guide about Chile. If you can not find answers, consider booking a consultation.

Please have a look at our services where you will find more information about all your services.

We don't provide this service directly but work closely with several lawyers. We can recommend one after reviewing your profile and project.

We have a search service for real estate investors. Please send us the following information: overall budget, type, and characteristics of property required, and if you pay cash or need a loan. We charge a search fee when starting, plus a 2% agency fee if we successfully find a property that suits your needs.


No, we only do the follow-up of the visas we filed on behalf of our clients.

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