Visas in Chile: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about a visa for Chile? You may find the answer here.

Do you have a question about a visa for Chile. You may find the answer here. If not, send us a short email and we’ll try to help if we have the answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about immigration fines in Chile

What kind of infractions can be committed?

There are three types of infractions:

  • Staying in Chile with an expired visa (tourist, work, temporary… any type of visa) or expired temporary residency.
  • Working without permission. Both the foreigner and the employer granting the work might be sanctioned.
  • Not registering with police department or or obtain an identity card within 30 days of granting the residence or permanent stay.

What is the value of the sanctions or fines?

It depends on the type of infraction, its duration, if there are previous sanctions and if there is a report from the International Police.

How do I know the amount I have to pay? Where should I pay a penalty or fine?

Go on the website of the immigration service to calculate and pay your fine.

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