Planning to relocate to Chile? Do you have any questions? can answer your questions. Click here to send us your list of questions and organize a meeting or videoconference.

Do you hesitate to move to Chile? You want to know if the country can offer you opportunities according to your situation.

Or your company has just offered you to move for a few years to this beautiful country. Do you have numerous questions regarding your installation? Where to live? What does it cost? What are the administrative steps to complete?

We have created a guide to offer answers to the standard questions that we regularly receive. However, each situation is different. For example, the needs of an expatriate family with three young kids differ from those of a young couple who just graduated from university.

That's why has created a tailored service to help you get answers corresponding to your needs.

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Examples of situations/questions discussed with past clients

My company offered me a job in Chile. I move to Santiago with my wife and my three kids.

  • I would like to know more about international schools in Santiago.
  • Is it easy to find daycare for my 3-year-old boy?
  • I am going to work in the north of Santiago. My accommodation allowance is 1,600,000 pesos. Which neighborhood should I choose?


I live in Portland, and we are considering retiring to Chile with my wife.

  • What are the legal steps we have to take?
  • What is the recommended visa in our case? What are the required documents?
  • We want to live by the sea. Which cities should we consider?


I have just graduated from engineering school. I have already done an internship in Argentina. I love South America and want to return and try another country.

  • Is it possible/easy to find a job as an engineer?
  • What salary can I get as a young engineer?
  • Where can I find information regarding the mining sector?
  • What are the characteristics of a Chilean resume? Is there required information? Or things I should avoid indicating?
  • What should I do to get a work visa? What are the steps?
Questions about Chile?
Questions about Chile?
Questions about Chile?
Questions about Chile?

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