Types of temporary visas in Chile

Are you looking to relocate to Chile? Do you need to find the best visa for your situation? In this article, we review all visa types available in Chile and let you know which visa is best for each case.

22/12/2018, updated 15/06/2023

Temporary visas are the visas that allow you to stay legally in Chile. They are usually issued with a validity of one or two years. You can renew them or apply for permanent residency if your temporary visa category allows it and if you meet the criteria for a Permanent Residency application.

There are multiple types of temporary residence visas. Here is a list of all kinds of temporary visas in Chile:


The decree 277, published in May 2022, details the new categories of temporary visas in Chile following the implementation of the new immigration law in February 2022. The list presented in this article takes into account the updated categories introduced by this decree.

This visa is for you if you have a direct link with a Chilean citizen or a foreigner with permanent residence, who can be:

  • your spouse (married or civil union),
  • one of your parents,
  • one of your children.

This visa that you can apply for while residing in Chile as a tourist. You must apply for other visa types before coming to Chile.

Temporary visa for a former resident in Chile

This visa category is for foreigners who were living in Chile with permanent residency and have left Chile for more than two years, leading to the tacit revocation of this permanent residency.

Work contract visa / Visa de Residencia Sujeta a Contrato

The work contract visa (visa sujeta a contrato) allows foreign citizens who come to Chile to work for a Chilean company. To qualify for this visa, you must already have a work contract signed with a company, or a signed offer. This visa does not allow to relocate to Chile to look for a job.


Do not use this visa if you come to Chile while maintaining your work contract with a foreign company. See the work contract visa page of our guide for more information.

Temporary visa for religious persons

This temporary visa allows religious foreigners from churches, orders, or congregations recognized in the country to come to Chile to carry out religious, educational, or assistance activities. You cannot use this visa if your church/congregation has no legal presence in Chile.

Temporary visa for retirees and foreigners with recurring income

This temporary visa class is for retirees or foreigners who can demonstrate a recurring income outside Chile, from a pension, real estate rentals, or financial assets. It allows them to stay in Chile for one or two years.


You need to demonstrate a recurring income, but if you can, this is one of the most flexible visas for people looking to come to Chile.

Temporary visa for investors

This temporary residence is for entrepreneurs, investors, or business owners who travel to Chile for more than ninety days due to their activities and interests in the country.


The investor visa requires USD 500,000 investment in Chile, so it is not for everyone. If you are an entrepreneur or a small investor, other visa categories might be more useful. Contact us for more information.

Temporary visa for pregnant women and foreigners undertaking a medical treatment

This visa allows the following categories of foreigners to stay in Chile for one year:

  • pregnant women,
  • foreigners coming to Chile to undertake specific medical treatments.

You need to be able to justify economic means while you stay in Chile.

Principle of international reciprocity

This visa allows nationals of Mercosur member states: Argentinians, Bolivians, Brazilians, Paraguayans, and Uruguayans, to stay in Chile as temporary residents, regardless of the activity they come to perform, as long as they do not have criminal records.

Multiple-entry business permit.

This permit is for foreigners who, for business purposes or to manage investments that foreign companies maintain in Chile, must regularly come to the country but only stay in Chile for up to six months per calendar year.

Student visa

The student visa is for foreigners who travel to Chile to study as regular students. It only allows studying, which means you are not authorized to work with this visa, except if you apply for a work permit at the same time as the visa (for example, if you come to do an internship or need to work to pay for your studies). The maximum duration usually is one year (except in the case of a scholarship, where the visa is issued for the duration of the scholarship), renewable until you terminate your studies.

Other visa types

There are a few other types that we do not detail as they are unlikely to apply to our clients:

  • Foreigners subject to the custody of the Gendarmerie of Chile
  • Foreigners who are in Chile by order of National Courts of Justice.
  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Seasonal workers

Frequently Asked Questions regarding temporary visa in Chile

It is a temporary authorization (for a determined period) to live in Chile and perform any activity authorized by law.

If you enter Chile as a tourist, most probably No. Following the 2022 immigration reform, you must apply from abroad. Only applications for certain temporary visa types are allowed to be sent while in Chile, such as the family link visa, for people having a link with a Chilean or a permanent resident in Chile.

There are specific requirements for each type of Temporary visa. The major criteria for Chile to grant a temporary residence, is to be sure that you have recurring income, or a lump sum of money allowing you to live in Chile upon arrival, while you are looking for a job, creating your company, studying…

There are no fixed requirements regarding income.

It depends on the nationality of the applicant. See our page Cost of visa in Chile.

You can apply for a temporary visa for "Family link" if you have a first-grade family link with a Chilean citizen, which means, if you are:

  • father or mother of a Chilean citizen,
  • spouse of a Chilean citizen,
  • child of a Chilean citizen.

You can work with a student visa if you have applied for a work permit with the visa. If not, you shall apply for a separate work permit.

It depends on the type of visa/work permit you request and your nationality. See our page Cost of visas in Chile.

Within 30 days of receiving your visa, you must request your Chilean identity card: go to the nearest civil registry office. It may take more than 30 days to receive it, but as long as you have requested an appointment within 30 days of receiving your visa, you are good to go.

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