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With 12 different visas, figuring out the visa process in Chile can be complicated. helps you determine which visa is best for you and takes care of the process.

The Chile immigration service has around a dozen categories of visas.

Obtaining certain types of visas can be complicated. You must collect 15-20 documents, translate them, and stamp them in the correct administration bureau. Then, you need to initiate the visa process. If you forget a document, you can lose 1-2 months to restart the process. A mistake can lead to rejection and a problematic situation for you or your family.

For a newcomer, all this bureaucracy can be painful to manage. That's why assists you in your visa process.

Our service encompasses all the types of visas available in Chile. We define with you the best visa for you and your family. We send you the details of the documents required for your visa, check that everything is in order, and then file the application for you.

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The guarantee

If your first visa application gets rejected, we assist you in answering the rejection or applying again for another visa without additional cost.

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How does the service work?


First meeting

Phone/video call to understand your situation and determine the best visa.



You receive a guide explaining the steps and documents you must collect. We will assist you if needed.


Visa Application

We validate the collected documents, initiate the application, and regularly follow up.


Chilean ID

We oversee police department registration and help you get your Chilean ID card.

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At the moment, the waiting period is 2-3 months to get a temporary visa. Work permits are granted within a few weeks but are more expensive than work visas and limited to 3 months.

Yes. You can apply online on the website of the immigration service. We recommend this solution for most cases.

Chile has drastically restricted the visas that one can get while in Chile. However, if you are applying for a visa due to a family link with a Chilean, it is possible to file an application in Chile. Otherwise, we recommend initiating the process before coming to Chile.

The number and type of documents required depend on the visa type. Therefore, we can make one list of documents that fits everyone. The first step is to get a valid passport with at least one year remaining validity. For other documents, please check the dedicated pages on our guide or contact us to review your situation.

Yes. You must include them in your application so they can legally stay in Chile with you. Otherwise, they will be considered tourists and only be able to stay up to six months.

We certainly can help you. You can book a paid consultation during which we will assess your situation.

Yes, we can send you all the instructions for the required documents. However, this information is provided as part of our paid visa support packages once we have initially met with you to assess your situation.

No, we only do the follow-up of the visas we filed on behalf of our clients.


At the moment, the waiting period is 15-18 months. It is OK to remain in Chile and come in/out of Chile while waiting.

No. You can only apply for permanent residency while in Chile.

First, depending on your financial situation, you must be a temporary resident for 2 to 5 years. People with a stable income will only need to wait two years. Others might have to wait longer. You will also need to supply documents based on your profile. Please check the dedicated pages on our guide or contact us to review your situation.

Are you looking for help to get a Chilean visa?

Simply send us a quick description of your profile and why you come to Chile. Let us know if you are coming alone or with family members. Once done, we will be able to send you more information about what to do and how we can help.

Are you looking for help to get a Chilean visa?