Expat Support Service for a stress-free expatriation in Chile

We help you daily during your expatriation in Santiago, Chile. Should you need contacts or recommendations, we are here to advise you.

When you relocate to start working for a company, you usually quickly get past the transition. You have colleagues here, and you keep working for a business you know, which facilitates the integration. However, the change can be more difficult for your partner, who needs to figure out the city and often needs help understanding the language.

We have designed our Expat Support service for these situations. We ensure all the family members receive the help they need for a proper integration so they can fully live the Chilean experience.

We offer practical help during relocation for all the small things you must handle daily. Thanks to our network of partners, we can give tips and recommendations to make your stay memorable.

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This service is for you if:

  • Your schedule does not leave you a lot of time to take care of personal tasks
  • You are looking for quality professional services and don't want to have a nasty surprise
  • You want the best support for your partner/family while you are at work

At Expat.cl, we share our address book and assist you every month with your administrative procedures and daily questions. We offer the Expat Support service as a monthly membership. It encompasses ten requests, whatever they may be, amongst the following categories:


  • A problem in your home? We contact the landlord or the real estate agency to see how we can solve it.
  • A water leak, a heater that does not work anymore? We recommend you a serious maintenance service to take care of the problem.
  • Your lease ends soon, and you need assistance to stop or renew it? We are here to discuss options.
  • You are moving into another house/flat, and need help informing administration/utility companies of your move.

Personal organisation

  • You need a specialist to help you handle legal or tax issues. You need someone to help you plan retirement or optimize your financial assets.
  • You need to transfer funds from or to Chile. We can suggest the most suitable solution depending on your needs
  • Need to improve your Spanish? We can give you contacts of language schools.
  • Looking for a job? We can recommend professional coaching or point you in the right direction, depending on the sector you are looking at.
  • Do you need a babysitter for your children? A pet sitter so that your dog can do some exercise during the day while you are at work. We can help.
  • Willing to organize a party for a birthday? We can suggest some places to host the party, and also some catering services.
  • You would like information or recommendations: shops, culture, library, activities after school for kids.
Expat Support

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Are you looking for assistance while relocating?