Short-term accommodation, for a calm installation in Santiago

Starting your new job, finding the right place... so many things to do while relocating to Chile. We find you a temporary home, so you can take your time.

No doubt staying in a hotel is convenient for a few nights, but there is nothing quite like having your own space for an extended stay!

With a proper short-term accommodation, there is no more struggling to find enough space to work or battling poor WiFi service in a hotel.

Fully serviced accommodation is a convenient, comfortable, and less expensive alternative to a hotel. It's the obvious choice.

  • All the home comforts of a fully furnished apartment with multiple rooms and all the facilities you'd expect
  • Convenient and time-saving house cleaning, linen change, bed making, porter services, etc.
  • The security of a concierge or reception service and 24/7 problem reporting
  • The flexibility of short notice booking and extension
  • Value for money: your utility charges, housekeeping, telephone, WiFi, and local taxes are all included in the rental fee

Find a temporary accommodation

Based on your budget, can offer you access to various accommodations, from a simple flat without additional services to a furnished apartment in a fully serviced property with a concierge, house cleaning, and breakfast.

Temporary Accommodation

Our clients

Bank of Korea

Looking for a temporary accommodation while arriving in Chile?

Simply send us a quick description telling us where do you want to stay, how long and what is your budget.

Looking for a temporary accommodation while arriving in Chile?