School Search in Chile

Moving to Chile with your children? assists you in finding the best school so your children can keep learning and growing.

Choosing and applying for the right school in Santiago can be challenging.

That's why we are here to advise and present you with the options available. Then, we can help you with the application process if you need. This will allow you to ensure your children are welcome and happy in their new school.

For the youngest kids, you can choose a daycare center or decide, like many families, to hire a nurse to care for them.

Find a school for my kids

Finally, if your Spanish could be more robust or your children need to learn it, we can recommend language schools that will help.

How does the service work?


First meeting

Phone/video call to define your family criteria and wishes.


School options

We explain the options available to your family and recommend schools that suit your needs.


Schools applications

We check availability and assist you with the application process.



We follow up until you have received an answer and take care of the final inscription.

Our clients

Are you looking for help to find the best school?

Simply send us a quick description telling us more about your children, their age, their current school level, any difficulties they might have...