You are moving to Chile and need a flat/house to rent? can offer its flat/house hunting service to help you find and rent the flat/house that best suits your needs and budget.

Finding your dream home, which matches all your criteria, in the right neighborhood and price, is already a difficult task in your native country. However, it is even more complicated in Chile without knowing the local real estate market.

That's why can organize and accelerate your home search in Santiago according to your specific criteria.

We cover all Santiago areas where expatriates usually live. In addition, our network of contacts in the real estate market allows us to explore the whole property market for you.

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Our search service includes phone/email support to answer your questions and help you prepare for your relocation.

How does the service work?


First meeting

After a phone/video call to define your criteria, you receive personalized recommendations of areas.


Online selection

We send you a selection of properties to help you better understand the market.


Property Tour

We set up a showings itinerary for you to come and see the property selection.



We negotiate and review contract terms on your behalf and assist you when moving in.

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You can have a look at the different options by looking at our pages detailing the various parts of Santiago. Each one gives an overview of the neighborhood, the average prices for rent. And there are photos to have an idea of what it looks like. For a more precise recommendation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will see together what are your expectations and budget, to be able to recommend the neighborhoods that suit best your criteria.

We get this question on a regular basis. We suggest you to have a look at the Where to live section of our guide. In each area page, you will find the type of properties most commonly available with a price range.

Sure, it can be done. We can organize visits in 48 hours if necessary. Once you found a place you are happy with, a few extra days are then needed to sign the lease.


We recommend you to start your viewings between 2 and 6 weeks before the date you want to start the lease.

It is possible to organize some visits on Saturday. However, if it is possible for you, we advise you to try to find a day during the week. Indeed, some real estate agencies are closed during the weekend. Therefore, you will have more flexibility during the week, and will be able to see more properties.

Our secret is to carefully prepare your search. We carefully define your needs and perform a pre-selection of properties before visiting. This allows us to make sure the properties you visit suit your needs. We then organize the visit of 6 to 8 properties that match your criteria as much as possible. Our experience shows that it is generally enough for our clients to find their "dream home".


It really depends on the type of property, its price compared to the market price for a similar property, and how much demand there is at the moment. It is quite obvious that an exceptional property, or a property below market price will not stay very long on the market. For high-end properties, the number of potential tenants is considerably lower than on cheaper properties, so you usually have more leverage. We will be able to inform you whether you need to act quick (the property is below market price or other people are interested), or if you have time/leverage to negotiate the price.

In Chile, if you rent directly from a landlord, there is no fee to pay. If you find the flat/house using a real estate agency, the total fee is one month. It is divided 50-50% between landlord and tenant. Therefore, you will have to pay 50% of the first month to the agent + VAT. This is to pay, on top of our search service.

When they rent to foreigners, some real estate agents tend to overprotect the landlord. This is especially the case when it is their job to collect the rent. To avoid this, we read the contract and will indicate you the points to have in mind, and what should/can be negotiated.

Are you looking for help to find your new home?

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