In terms of transport, Chile has a vast and modern network of motorways and main roads, which covers most of the country, apart from the most extreme regions of the south, where only sea or air transport is possible.

If you live in Chile, you will most probably need a car, unless you live in the hyper centre like for example (in the metropolitan region) in Santiago Centro, Ñuñoa or Providencia.

Let’s see our guides where we explain you how to:

  • rent a car,
  • buy a car, as well as all the associated administrative procedures required
  • pass the Chilean driving license, a mandatory procedure when you stay in Chile with a resident visa. If you are in Chile with a tourist visa, you can drive with a foreign driving licence, no problem.

If you decide not to buy a car, our article on public transport in Santiago is for you!

Finally, let’s have a look at the different modes of transportation to get around Chile.