Life in Chile: an expat guide to moving to Chile

How is life in Chile? Learn more about cultural and practical aspects. Cost of living in Chile, earthquakes in Chile, best places to live...

Life in Chile: an expat guide to moving to Chile
  | 25/05/2017, updated 14/03/2023

It's hard to imagine a country with more to offer. Modern and efficient, Chile boasts dramatic mountain peaks, sparkling lakes, and abundant wildlife. It has great skiing in the winter and lush alpine valleys in the summer. Chains of islands and charming fishing villages lend character to the south, while wide expanses of desert dominate the north. Its clean cities offer a First-World infrastructure, and the government is one of the best-organized and most stable in the region.


Chile has the lowest level of corruption in Latin America, as well as the strongest economy, highest standard of living, and lowest level of poverty. You can drink water from any tap in the country, and it has modern telephone and cell service, high speed Internet, and cable television. The primary and secondary roads are well-maintained from one end of the country to the other.

And Chile is especially well-suited to North Americans and Europeans, partly due to its clean and honest culture, but also because its seasons are reversed from those in the northern hemisphere; so expats with a second home in Chile can enjoy their favorite seasons twice a year.

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