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We help landlords to rent their property to foreigners who relocate in Chile and need a place to live. That could be yours!

  • Foreign companies

    Our clients are large foreign companies looking for accomodation for their employees

  • Professional photos

    A good photo is what will attract interest on your property rather than the neighbor’s one

  • Online marketing

    We know where to promote properties to attract foreign tenants… Not only on PortalInmobiliario…

  • Local marketing

    We have developped our own technology of interactive signs to attract interest… using Whatsapp…

  • Zero Risk

    If we don’t find a tenant for your property, you don’t pay anything

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Why should you rent to a foreigner?

They are looking for premium quality properties

Foreigners usually work for international companies and want a nice home. They have a good salary, so they can pay more than a Chilean tenant.

  • If you have a nice flat or house located in a good location, targeting the expat market is the best choice.

They need to find a place quickly

When relocating to Chile, foreigners live at the hotel or in temporary accommodations. They can not stay there forever. Usually, they need their new home within one month.

  • You don’t loose time with undecided tenants. If they like your place, they are going to decide quickly. And they usually start to rent within one month.

More stability = more income

When an expat relocates with his family, his company usually offer him a 3 to 5 years work contract. He is busy working for the company, so he is not going to move every year.

  • This gives you more stability on the income you get. You don’t have 3-month vacancy period every year, which boost your income.
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Why use to rent?

Leading source of information for foreigners

With more than 40,000 visits each month, is the most visited website by foreigners relocating to Chile.This allows us to promote a broad range of properties, from small flats to big houses.

  • By having your property listed on, you get a higher probability of renting it quickly.

Rental to vetted tenants only

We select carefully potential tenants we work with. We check that they have the financial resources to afford the rent.

  • You do not waste time and money with a tenant that has no money and is unlikely to pay the rent.

Less vacancy for your property

Reducing the time during which the property is vacant between two tenants is really important to maximize the revenue you get. Being the leading information source for expats in Chile, this allows us to know early on who is relocating to Chile (people contact us on average 4 months before they actually come).

  • When your actual tenant announces you he is going to leave, we can immediately start to market your property to newcomers who are not yet in Chile.

Focused on Santiago expat areas

We are 100% focused on Santiago’s areas where most foreigners live. This allows us to get a deep understanding of the market, including current trends, vacancy rates, and pricing.

  • We can advise you on the most adequate rental price that will allow you to rent quickly your property, reduce the vacancy rate, and maximize your earnings.
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Our services

Personal inspection/Professional photos

We personally inspect your property and take professional photos. If needed, we give you tips or recommend small changes that you can do (at a limited cost) in order to boost the perceived value of your property.

  • Your flat/house looks great, which allows our clients to imagine more easily living in it… and if they can do so, they are more likely to rent.

Marketing/Property viewings

We promote your property to our clients and organize viewings.

  • You don’t need to be there each time someone wants to visit. You just receive a complete description of potential tenants by mail. All you need to do is decide which one you accept

Legal documentation/inventory

We draft the lease agreement and organize detailed entry and exit inventories.

  • You have a proof of the quality of your property before the tenant gets the keys, in case a problem occurs with the tenant during the lease.

Full brokerage service

Having someone else gives you money is fun. Collecting rent, or calling plumbers at 3am to fix a water leak is not fun. That’s why we take care of your property on a daily basis. If the tenant has a problem, we figure out how it can be solved.

  • You don’t have to worry: someone is here to take care of problems, even when you are on vacations. You just receive the money on your bank account on a monthly basis.

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