Internet providers in Chile

How to get internet in Chile. Let's have a look at the internet speed, internet providers on the market...

17/12/2018, updated 10/10/2023

To get internet and or television in your home, you need to open a contract with a provider, as these services are not available by default in most places. To do so, you need to get the temporary or permanent residency. You can negotiate with the owner to have him open the line and pay him on a monthly basis with your rent. This is a great option if you do not yet have a RUT, as it is difficult to open an internet line without RUT.

Below are several options.



DirectTV is the leader regarding TV by satellite. It offers a mensual subscription, but you need a RUT and a bank account in Chile, which you may not have upon arrival. In this case, you can buy a pre-paid kit, that you can install by yourself. Then, you top up the balance of the account when you need. If you have never installed a satellite dish, it can take time (around 3-4 hours). You can ask a tecnician to install it (free if you choose the mensual subscription, or $40,000-$50,000 for the prepaid kit).

Be careful:

  • some buildings (especially in weathly areas) do not accept the installation of satellite dishes, because it breaks the harmony of the building. Ask the concierge if it is allowed or not. Usually, there is a huge antenna on the roof of the building if DirectTV is available. Most of the time, only cable TV providers are available.
  • In Santiago, the satellite dish must point to the north-east to get a stable connection with the satellite. If your apartment does not have a wall facing north or east, it is going to be difficult to install the dish. In most buildings yet, there is a large dish for the whole building, to which you can connect.

Double/triple-play pack (phone / internet / television)

Several internet/phone/TV providers exist. They offer rather similar solutions. Below are the largest one:

Important :

  • you need a RUT to subscribe to a contract with one these providers. If you do not have one, you should have a look at prepaid internet using a 4G dongle.
  • all providers are not available in all areas. It is not the case anymore, but providers used to divide the market between them to avoid competition and costly installations. In one building you only had a single provider, that was able to charge the price he wanted. Now, there are generally 2 or 3 providers. Ask the concierge for their name. You can call an other provider, but he is unlikely to accept, because he would have to connect first the building, before installing your line.


Best quality-price ratio. Yet, they are quite picky regarding who they accept. You will need a RUT and a Chilean work contract. If your landlord is ok to subscribe the contract himself, it is the provider that we recommend.



They are the cheapest and can activate your line with just a RUT. They are not going to ask for work contract or proof of income. Not the best regarding client service if you try to call of them or reach them by email. If you have a problem, it is better to go to a Movistar support center to get a qualified staff to help you.


Premium provider, but significantly more expensive than other ones.

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