Health insurance in Chile for expatriates

What types of insurance are available, which one to choose? Shall you use local or international health insurance?

03/07/2022, updated 14/03/2024

Expatriates have two main options regarding their health insurance in Chile.

Local health insurance in Chile

If you have a local work contract, you usually have to pay 7% of your gross income for health insurance. The local health insurance is divided between FONASA (public sector) and ISAPRE (private health insurance companies). You can choose one or the other.

For people with a salary above 1 million pesos (most expatriates are in this case), this percentage allows you to choose an ISAPRE, which will provide you with an acces to private clinics, and a much better service than public hospitals. Usually ISAPRE will give you access to one or several clinics in the area where you live.


If you have a local contract and prefer to go with international insurance, it is still possible, but you will have to stipulate in your work contract that your health and retirement contributions are still paid in your origin country.

International health insurance in Chile

Going with an international health insurance will allow you to have access to the same clinics than the ISAPRE. This is a good option if you do not have a local work contract in Chile

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