Type of visas in Chile

Looking to relocate in Chile? Do you need to find the most adequate visa for your situation?

In this article, we review all visa types available in Chile, and let you know which visa is best for each situation.

Work contract visa / Visa de Residencia Sujeta a Contrato

What is this visa?

The work contract visa (visa sujeta a contrato) is a visa allowing foreign citizens who come to Chile in order to work for a company. This visa may be issued to foreigners already in Chile, or from abroad through a consulate. To qualify for this visa, you need to already have a work contract signed with a company. This visa does not allow to come to Chile to look for a work.
This visa also allows the family (spouse, father(s) and/or children) to live in Chile, provided that the visa holder can pay for their expenses. These beneficiaries, who are dependent, are not authorized to carry out paid activities in the country.
This visa expires as soon as the contractual relationship is terminated by any of the parties, after which the foreigner has 30 days to request another visa or leave the country.
This visa allows you to work only and exclusively with the employer with whom the work contract was signed.
This visa allows you to reside in Chile for up to one year, after which you can request an extension of the visa (for another year). After two years, you can request the permanent residency. The visa can be requested both from abroad and once while in Chile.

Visa renewal / employer’s change

With this visa, if you leave your current job, and decide to work an other company, you need to request another visa with a new employer, as the contract that allowed you to get the visa has ended. You have 30 days following the termination of the work contract, to do so.

Temporary Visa / Temporary Residence Visa

This type of visa enables you to reside and carry out any activity authorized by the law (work, study, invest, etc.).
You can reside in Chile with this visa for one year, after which you can request an extension for another year or request the permanent residency.
There are multiple types of temporary residence visas. Here is a list of all types of temporary visas in Chile:

1. Temporary visa for foreigner with a link with a Chilean citizen

This visa is for you if you have a direct link with a Chilean citizen, who can be:

  • your spouse,
  • one of your father,
  • one of your children.

2. Temporary visa for children born in Chile from non-resident parents

You can get a visa if you are born in Chile, while your parents where in Chile as tourists.

3. Temporary visa for a former resident in Chile

This category of visa if for foreigners who:

  • have already been residents with visa in Chile, for at least one year, and have been living outside Chile for no longer than 5 years
  • were living in Chile with permanent residency, and have left Chile for more than 1 year, leading to the tacit revocation of this permanent residency.

    4. Temporary visa for a foreigner with a link to a family member staying in Chile with a permanent residency

    This visa is quite similar to the #1. The only difference is that, instead of having a family link with a Chilean citizen, you can get it if you have a family link with a foreigner already living in Chile with a permanent residency.
    If your spouse, one of your father, or one of your children has permanent residency, you can qualify for this visa.

    5. Temporary visa for religious

    This temporary visa allows religious foreigners belonging to churches, orders or congregations recognized in the country to come to Chile, to carry out religious, educational or assistance activities.

    6. Temporary visa for retirees and foreigners with recurring income

    This temporary visa may be used by a retiree or a foreigner who can demonstrate a recurring income outside Chile. It allows them to travel to Chile for periods of more than ninety days, and even relocate in Chile.

    7. Temporary visa for investors and business owners

    This temporary residence is of interest for entrepreneurs, investors, merchants or business owners in general, who travel to the national territory for periods of more than ninety days due to their activities and interests in the country. It is quite easy to obtain, but it may be more difficult to renew or to get a permanent residency with this visa.
    Even if you are an entrepreneur, others categories of visa might be more useful for you. Contact us for more information.

    8. Temporary visa for professionals and technicians, journalists and media professionals

    Foreigners with certain degrees, such as engineers, technicians, as well as media professionals can apply for this visa. This visa has been created to attract foreigners with professions where Chile lacks of people to full fill all the needs of the Chilean companies.
    To qualify for this visa, the applicant must demonstrate a minimum of 1,600 academic hours of education. If the degree does not indicate the number of hours taken, a legalized certificate from the Institution is required, to accredit the hours.

    9. Temporary visa for pregnant women and foreigners undertaking a medical treatment

    This visa allows the following categories of foreigners to stay in Chile for one year:

    • pregnant women,
    • foreigners coming to Chile to undertake a specific medical treatment.

    You need to be able to justify economic means while you stay in Chile.

    10. Visa agreement for citizens of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay

    This visa permits to Argentinians, Bolivians, Brazilians, Paraguayans and Uruguayans, to stay one year in Chile as temporary resident, regardless of the activity they come to perform, as long as they do not have criminal and / or criminal records.
    It is based on the Circular Letter No. 264645, of 04.12.09, of the Undersecretary of the Interior.
    To be noted: To apply for this visa, citizens must present a valid passport.

    11. Temporary visa by civil union

    This temporary visa is similar to types of visa #1 and #4.
    It is a specific category that allows a foreigner who as signed a “civil union” contract with a Chilean citizen or a foreigner with permanent residency.

    12. Temporary visa for children and adolescents

    It is intended for minors, regardless of the reason they want the visa for.
    The visa for children and adolescents can not be extended to the family group. If any of its members are in an irregular migratory situation, they must complete the necessary procedures to request and obtain the corresponding residence permit.

    Student visa / Student Visa

    The student visa is granted to foreigners who travel to Chile for the purpose of studying as a regular student. It only allows to study, which means you are not authorized to work with this visa, except in specific cases. The maximum duration is normally one year (except in the case of scholarship, where the visa is issued for the duration of the scholarship), renewable until you terminate your studies.

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