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We help your employees to find the right school

At, we know that choosing and applying for schools in Santiago can be daunting.

That’s why we are here to advise your employees, present them with the different options available. Then we can help them all along with the application process. This will allow them to be sure that their children are welcome and happy in their new school.

Finally, if their Spanish is a bit rusty, we can recommend language schools that will help them (or their partner/children) to improve their Spanish skills.

Finding the perfect school in 6 simple steps

  • An interview by phone or Skype to define your employees’ criteria and wishes

  • We explain the different options available to their family and recommend schools that suit their needs

  • We provide them with the full details of the application process for these specific schools

  • We check availabilities for places by contacting the schools

  • We help them prepare the application documents for each selected school

  • We follow-up with each school until they have received an answer from the schools

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